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Excellent show last Thursday at Chief's in Greenville. Wish we could have stayed for the last set.
LM      Simpsonville, SC


Hey what's happenin' Paradise Blue?
Reggie     Easley, SC

I've listened to your new compilation CD and it is outstanding! Man, you guys put a lot of musicians to shame! See you at your next show whenever that is?
Bill    Simpsonville SC

Hey - great show at Ty's recently. You guys sure have your act together!
Tom     Greer, SC

Can't wait to see your show at Fall For Greenville! I'm glad you won Best of the Upstate again! You all deserve it.
Michelle    Taylors, SC

Congratulations Paradise Blue on winning best of the upstate again! Hope to see you all soon!
Joan    Greenville, SC

I really love your CD "Trouble In Paradise" but You guys really outdid yourselves on the new "Relentless"CD. Can't wait to see you at Fall for Greenville! Stay cool!
Crystal    Greenville, SC

great write-up on the band! glad to see you guys are starting to make things happen. thats really cool about the overseas radio play. always enjoy listening to PB music.
Randy   Greenville, SC

Doug, I'm listening to your disc as I'm writing this and it's awesome. I'm dropping one of ours in the mail for you tomorrow. I'll definitely try and spread the word and try to get some people to your site. Hope all is well! It sure sounds like it is on this CD! Later,
Dave of CLOVE     PA

Doug, I've been enjoying the new disc. You are on fire as always! I hope you guys get down this way some time, Take Care,
Bill of  IMPULSE RIDE     Athens, GA

It was good to hear from you, Russ. I looked at your website, and it is so cool! You haven't changed a bit! I may have to buy some of your music so I can "check it out"!
Faye Killion     Bossier City, LA

Hey guys, Great website. I'm an old friend of Russ' in Louisiana. A couple years ago he sent me a CD and I absolutely loved it!! I can't wait to get your new one. Hope you can play in Russ' old hometown one of these days. Your website was really cool. Keep up the good work!
Sheri     LA

just so you know..   I am passing around that link to your songs..   i love
them..thanks alot!   cya later xo
Dina     PA

While I am usually a country girl at heart after listening to your music my taste is changing. Keep up the great work and have a blast while your doing it.
Donna     Northern NJ

This is the second time I've seen you guys. The first time was like wow! This time was like WOW!!! Paradise Blue rules!You guys should play Atlanta more often.I can't wait to get your new CD.Later dudes-
Mike     Atlanta, GA

Great show at Gabbys guys!!! Thanks for letting me get a sneak preview of your new CD. It jams!!! My intial favorite songs on it were Matter of Fact,Broke My Heart,Hungry for the Night,and Hope's Going Bad.Can't wait to hear you again.
Hope     Shelby, NC

So when is your new album gonna be available, I heard you on great stuff guys, good work.
Tommy    CANADA

like your site and the same kind of music so keep on keeping on
Grover Windham     Hartsville, SC

Kewl Site! It's great to find killer Blues/Rock bands on the net. I really liked Somone New. Keep up the good work. Keepin The Blues Alive, RENEGADE
Tim McCrary     Houston, TX

Hi giys, hope everything is going well, I can'y wait unit spring and summer to see Paradise in the Downtown shows,thats always a treat, n't wait to hear another new album...
Bob     Greenville, SC

I haven't seen the band personally, but I've listened to the CD (Sleepless Nights) several times. It sounds very professional. I wish you guys the best of luck and if you ever get a chance to tour in the Boston or Providence area, I'll be sure to see the show.
Tom M.    North Attleboro, MA

Didn't expect such a good show at McAdoos, but you guys rocked and were one of the best bands I've ever seen there! Your band would do real well at House of Blues and other clubs in this town. Hope to see you again sometime.

Just saw your show at Suncom Sat at Sundown. Great show. My wife got the koozie that Doug threw out. I'll have your CDs autographed at the next show I can catch. Thanks for the music.
Sam S.

Congratulations on Riverplace Festival - Your band has a great live sound and what a great show it was Saturday night! The weather was perfect and along with your music, we had a wonderful time. I thought it was unusual, but very special that some of the kids dancing up front were given the opportunity to strum the lead guitar while their parents watched (and helped) with joy. Very special moment for them, and very courteous gesture on your part. I heard a number of compliments on your music from people in the group I was with. Also, your new CD is outstanding, I can sense the Tough Southern Rock in it, with a great bluesy feel to it. Almost every song sounds like it should get radio play! Keep on rockin!

I just heard one of your songs on rock 101s atlanta to charlotte show! Loved it. Hope they'll play more of your style of music. I need to head over to manifest and buy your latest CD. I keep hearing from people that its real good. see you at riverplace festival ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

We had a great time at your CD Release at The Handlebar in Greenville, and thanks for autographing my CD. This CD really rocks! You guys need to be on a record label. See you at your next show!
John M.

I saw paradise blue at fall for greenville, i was very shocked to find a band such as paradise blue with their talent to be coming from greenville, i picked up a cd at mainifest music, i love trouble in paradise, its a great cd. keep up the good work guys, cant wait to see ya at riverplace.

I just checked out your website. Very Nice. It is very in depth and detailed and by far one of the nicer sites I've seen. Again , I'm glad you enjoyed the Gig article. We were thrilled and honored that they chose to feature us. The feedback has been outstanding and the support and congratulations has been overwhelming. Keep in touch and good luck with your band and everything you're doing. thanks, Dave Cerreta and CLOVE

I now have all 3 CDs of Paradise Blue. I really like your music, and your sound is definitely different than the local music scene here in Chapel Hill. The southern rock sound is apparent, expecially on your latest CD. The Chapel Hill local music scene is putting out some good music with bands like "Ben Folds Five", but sometimes it seems somewhat decadent. It's good to know that the Southern Rock and Blues sound is still happening. You guys really have talent!
KLS and Group

Just sitting here listening to your new CD. Very Cool.

Got your new CD! It sounds incredible. My favorite is "In the Dark" which reminds me of Brother Cain or Days of the New. Keep rockin'

Salutations de vos amis francais! We just looked at the site - it's great!
Nice to hear the tunes and see the photos of the band (helps us feel a little
more in touch). Hope all continues to go well for you. We'll check in from
time to time. Bien a toi.
SN/RH Clermont-FD FRANCE   

Hi y'all, nice site. Glad to be a small part in your success. Send me your new CD, I need the work, saving up for a Les Paul! All the best.

Congratulations on 2 years of excellence (Best R&B). I wished I could have been at FFG to see ya sunday. Great Job. Great Photo.

Just wanted to say congratulations for being selected the number one
Rhythm & Blues band in the upstate by the readers of Creative Loafing! Also, I got to check out your show at Fall for Greenville. You guys did a really nice job. I didn't catch the end of your set, though......I made the mistake of leaving early to see the Molly Hatchet gig. I should have stayed back at your stage. Sorry, I'll know better next time.

Thanx for the quick reply..I really appreciate it. Not many young people I know are really into the blues scene, but I love it. Its like a religion. So where is this studio of yours? I've heard of it and I know its in Travelers Rest but other than that I have no clue to where its at. I would really like to come out and visit it sometime. I cant wait until your new album comes out. I will rush out and get it as soon as I hear about it. I was listening to the compilation, Well Done, and I really like the music of Groove Tramp and Thao..they were pretty cool(but not as jammin as Paradise Blue). The web site is great..the manager did a great job. I hope you guys win best R&B..yall really deserve it!! Once again thanx...

Hello..I don't know if you remember me, but I'm one of the three people who were at the front row at the Fall for Greenville festival(Sunday at 4:00) and we talked to you afterwards. My name is Samantha and my friend Brandon bought a CD from you guys(which rocks). Plus my other friend Bobby was there too. I hope that you remember us. I just thought I would email you and tell you that Paradise Blue was the the BEST band that we saw at the Fall for Greenville! You guys rock. I was wondering if you could send me a list of where Paradise Blue will be performing next or in the near future. I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, I loved your music and your CD!! Keep rockin!!
Your devoted fan,

Checked out your webpage. Cool. Hope everything is going well for you.  Keep Rockin'
Ken and Lynn

I just checked out your website. Nice job!! I was ready to sign in, but the guestbook wasn't ready yet. See you at the Coors-Lite stage at 3:00 on Sunday.

I just had to send you this to say Hi and let you know that the kids think this site is "Way Cool" -- that translates as very high above the main-stream status quo!

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